Innovative solutions, reliable quality - for decades

A successful medium-sized family company. A specialist in straightening machines and wheel set presses. Manufacturer of innovative machines for various sectors - including rail technology, tool manufacturing and the car industry. MAE has been developing successful products from ideas since 1931.

First machine tools: MAE starts constructing machine tools with a range of hydraulic universal presses for various applications.

Focus on "straightening" and "joining". MAE develops manually controlled straightening machines and wheel set presses. The product range immediately focuses consistently on the niche markets of "straightening" and "joining".

Changing of the guard with S-RH: the S-RH range for manual straightening enables precise, path-controlled straightening thanks to its exact mechanical servo-control. Pressure-controlled straightening is replaced.

First fully automatic system: the first fully automatic straightening system with electrical measurement and control technology represents an important milestone. Henceforth the straightening process is integrated into the interlinked production lines of the automotive industry.

Our patented highlight: the M-AH automatic straightening machine with the world's first electromechanical main drive and "RICOS" PC-based control.

First automatic wheel set press: MAE develops ARAD - the first automatic assembly press for rail wheel sets. With flexible feed manipulator and PC control, it represents a new dimension in rationalization effects and data documentation.

For large-scale parts manufacturers: with the ASV straightening system for large-scale parts, MAE captures completely new fields of application for automatic straightening. Thanks to its current construction, the moving column is suitable for workpieces up to 30 m long and directive forces of up to 20,000 kN.

New automatic systems for 3D straightening: for the first time, components of all shapes can be straightened. MAE designs custom plants that straighten car chassis parts, for example.

Modern service package: the continuous straightening method for elongated components is a new type of service package. This means that small series can be processed efficiently, achieving excellent precision.

Next generation presses: the new, advanced generation of wheel set presses from the RADS range unites user comfort, flexibility and efficiency.

State-of-the-art: the detection of run-out errors in gears using laser technology is state-of-the-art with MAE straightening machines

On-site in China: the first MAE branch opens in Beijing, China. With exceptionally well-trained technicians for service, training and sales.

In January MAE aquires all shares in the company of Eitel Presses Inc. in Orwigsburg Pennsylvania USA. Eitel Presses has been a very successful company for a long time which sales manual and automatic straightening systems on the North American market. The main focus is in the automotive market.
The new subsidiary now operates under the name MAE Eitel Inc. The management is managed by Norm Walker who has been working for Eitel Presses for many years. He is shareholder of MAE Eitel with 10%.
The range of products of MAE Eitel has been extended by the MAE products for steel and rail industry.

A new record for MAE: the first 4.000 (to) straightening press for the steel industry is delivered to a long-term German customer.

The new structured factories of the Deutsche Bahn are equipped with automatic wheel set presses by MAE.