Assembly machines and straightening presses - with particularly efficient software support

Assembly machines – custom-made and robust
Whether you are assembling gearbox parts, rotor shafts or wheelsets: we have the right solution for you. The MAE machine series S and M-S with hydraulic or mechanical servo drive are robust machines tailored to your application. The OPUS controller controls and documents the assembly process. The software can be expanded to meet customer-specific requirements.

 Our horizontally acting wheelset presses in the RADS series with forces up to 8,000 kN are specialist machines. Their exclusive performance: mounting and dismounting rail vehicle wheelsets. They stand out primarily for their innovative basic concept, rational interlinking systems and extensive control functions.

 Modular presses
Our broad range of hydraulic standard presses in the S and DS series with C- and O-frames as well as the four-column presses in the VS series is based on a modular system. In order to meet your specific requirements, we combine and adapt individual assemblies to create a low-cost, individually-optimized solution with press forces of up to 25,000 kN.

Hydraulic presses have to cope with considerable loads in everyday operation. With over 60 years of experience, all components designed by MAE are particularly robust. Comprehensive calculation software including a high-end finite-element program is another guarantee of exceptionally strong constructions.