Straightening machines - for round, profiled, and 3D formed components

MAE offers you the world's largest range of manual and automatic straightening systems for round, profiled and spatially-shaped components. Press forces from 15 to 25,000 kN make it possible to straighten workpieces with lengths of 40 mm to 30 m and weights of 5 g to 20 tons. Accuracy of up to 0.01 mm can be reliably achieved.

Bend, pressure and torsion-straightening
The conventional bend-straightening method is used, as well as pressure-straightening for through-hardened parts. Torsion-straightening is a special method for untwisting twisted profile bars, gear racks and guide rails into one or several sections. MAE offers torsion-straightening integrated into automatic and manual straightening systems or as a separate solution.

Precision and efficiency - manual
The MAE straightening stroke controller for manual straightening presses in the S-RH and PH series guarantees precise and repeatable working and does not require specially trained operators. Measurement and straightening in one setting ensures optimal cycle times.

Precision and efficiency - automatic
The M-AH and ASV series enable automatic straightening of small and large shafts and profiles, while the M-ASRU series automatically straightens spatially-shaped components. The software of the RICOS straightening controller is the result of decades of experience with various applications. Innovative ideas are making the straightening process increasingly more powerful and faster. Various interlinking concepts allow rational, fully-automated continuous operation with low manpower requirements.