Wheel set presses - master force with accuracy

Innovative technical solutions. MAE has been developing and supplying assembly presses for rail vehicle wheel sets for over 50 years.

  • Robust construction
  • Perfect ergonomics
  • High productivity thanks to fully-automatic presses
  • Various loading and unloading options
  • Guaranteed quality and productivity through individual accessories
  • RADS wheel set press - efficiently assemble and disassemble wheel sets
RADS wheel set press
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Would you like to assemble and disassemble rail vehicle wheel sets? Our horizontal wheel set presses in the RADS series specialize in the assembly and disassembly of rail vehicle wheel sets:

  • Pressing forces: 1.600 - 5.000 kN
  • Shaft lengths: 400 - 3.200 mm
  • Wheel diameter: 400 - 1.500 mm
  • Unit weights: up to 8.000 kg
  • Extremely active through fully-automatic presses
  • Various loading and unloading options
  • Guaranteed quality and productivity through individual accessories
  • Pressing tools are stored in a way that means they can be easily moved and are safe from contamination
  • Top energy efficiency through demand-driven hydraulic system
  • Certified, particularly practice-oriented safety concept


Structure of the wheel set presses:
low space requirement - a big advantage of the patented RADS wheel set presses. The innovative basic concept of the machine also offers you:

  • High stability through compact monoblock column concept
  • Simple pressing and separating is possible thanks to the large, basic tools stored directly in the press uprights, even for critical wheel sets with tight space requirements
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Optimum access to the mold area


Various procedures are used for pressing: conventional pressing, pressing with high-pressure assistance, positioning against a fixed end stop or free pressing of cylindrical and conical seats.

With MAE wheel set presses different types of wheel sets can be assembled, maintained or disassembled including wheel sets with and without brake discs, drive wheel sets for railcars, wheel sets for locomotives with transmission and/or with traction motor.

From trams and high-speed trains to rotary current electric locomotives: MAE wheel set presses are suitable for all wheel set types.

  • RACOS – modern measuring and control technology
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Process safety, precision, user friendliness: important characteristics of the measurement and control technology of a wheel set press. MAE tackled this issue early on. The solution: RACOS. MAE has set new standards with this control computer and freely-programmable measurement technology. Standards that make your processes safer.

  • The system is based on a high-performance industrial PC
  • All process information and encoder signals for positions and forces flow together
  • RACOS controls the automatic movement sequence of all drives in the freely-programmable sequence, from press cylinders and tool shifting to loading technology
  • The large touchscreen LC display provides a clear and detailed view of the process
  • Convenient Windows user interface
  • Ethernet connection with interfaces for wheel set databases provided by the client
  • Remote maintenance


Curve evaluation
The key quality characteristic for the pressing process? The force-displacement behavior displayed in real time on the screen. A variety of different specifications and criteria must be considered all over the world, in addition to the specifications of the wheel set manufacturer. The RACOS system gives you the option to perform automatic curve evaluation. Benefits for you:

  • Necessary limit values can be configured flexibly
  • Data of important provisions is displayed


Measuring head
Would you like to record all geometric data of the wheel set that is relevant to the pressing process? You can record this data easily with the universal measurement device. This considers ...

  • the axial positions of wheel and brake discs,
  • transmission components,
  • shaft reference planes as well as
  • seat diameter on the wheel set shaft.

You can measure the axial and radial run-out of shafts, wheels and brake discs while the wheel set is turning. The measurement is performed by tactile or laser measuring heads, depending on task. 

  • Options - for individual requirements
Wheel set press - options
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Do you need special equipment, tools and services for your wheel set press? Would you like bespoke components, from custom tools to client-specific software? Contact us. We'll find the optimum solution for your requirements.

An overview of our options:

  • Pre-assembly station
    An independent workspace should be available to pre-assemble the wheel and brake discs. This increases productivity. You can also prepare the next wheel set parallel to the pressing process. MAE offers two basic types of pre-assembly stations:

- A simple version with one workstation
- A double pre-assembly station, whereby the worker is at one station while the second station is being loaded or unloaded at the same time.

  • High-pressure pumps
    MAE offers manual or automatically operated high-pressure pumps and associated hoses, as well as quickly exchangeable connection adapter. The benefits: catch basins, optimum hose installation and a closed machine frame prevent contamination. This also reduces the risk of accidents and contamination.
  • Tools and engineering
    Is the wheel set press a standard product? It could be. However, specific designs are required before the necessary pressing and assembly tools for your vehicle fleet are conceived. If you would like to design your presses retroactively for additional wheel set types, that's no problem: we would be happy to manufacture the necessary equipment including assembly and commissioning.
  • Manual wheel set transport trolley
  • MAE MoviS wheel set manipulator
  • MAE MoGiS heavy duty wheel set transport trolley
  • Bridge crane
    Should you wheel set press not depend on the availability of your indoor crane? Use our bridge crane, tailored to your individual space requirements! The individual or synchronously operated hoists transport wheel set shafts, as well as wheel and brake discs to the pre-assembly station. You can also collect complete wheel sets and set them down in any location.


We're happy to answer your questions: sales@mae-group.com