Energy - efficient solutions for differing requirements

Oil and gas
The environmental conditions for oil and gas production are seldom easy – and the deeper the exploration, the more difficult the conditions become. The pipes and rods used are long, thin parts made of high-strength steels. The need for accuracy is high. The ASV for automatic straightening processes and the RI for manual straightening processes provide a precise and reliable solution for the straightening task.

Wind power
Gear shafts for wind turbines are manufactured in small batches. Straightening them with the necessary tolerances requires extremely high forces. The S-RH manual straightening machine achieves exceptional results in this application.

Power plants
Shafts for large motors and guide pipes for various fluids are often straightened in two production stages: first as a raw part, then as a finished part. The workpieces are made of high-strength, temperature-resistant materials. They are straightened in small batches using strong forces.