Pipes - for thin walls and large lengths

Straightening pipes throws up special challenges for one simple reason: every pipe is hollow inside! Damages or even collapses in pipes must be reliably prevented – primarily by drawing on experience!


With MAE you can ...

  • straighten without collapses! This can only be achieved through extensive experience in the design and use of straightening tools.
  • straighten with precision! In order to meet the requirements in car manufacturing, camshaft tubes or pipes that are used as drive shafts for the rear wheels can be straightened automatically on the M-AH or manually on the S-RH.
  • straighten long lengths! Oilfield pipes up to 20 m are particularly straight when they have been straightened automatically on an ASV or manually on a RI.
  • straighten very thin-walled pipes! Pipeline pipes with a diameter of up to 1,200 mm often have very thin walls. The ASV for automatic and the RI for manual processes are also ideal for these pipes.
  • straighten tough materials and large wall thicknesses! Pipes that are used in power plants are made of high-strength steels. Particularly high directive forces are required here. These are achieved by the ASV for automatic or the RI for manual processes.