Sections and semi-finished products - smallest tolerances and lengths up to 30 m

Sections and semi-finished products often go through a MAE straightening system twice during their manufacturing process: first as semi-finished products and then again after they have been cut according to the application.


With MAE you can ...

  • straighten with extra precision! The tolerances of guide rails and gear racks are often in the range of hundredths of millimeters. The M-AH for automatic and the S-RH for manual straightening processes are the right systems for parts up to 3 m long.
  • straighten with precision, even in harsh conditions! For example, rails, rolled sections, round and flat bars in rolling mills.
  • straighten lengths of up to 30 m! Even large sections with non-round cross-sections, with dimensions of up to 1,200 mm x 500 mm can be straightened automatically on an ASV system or manually on a RI system.