Shafts - whether individual or standard

The majority of parts to be straightened are shafts. Special shafts, such as motor and gear shafts for car manufacturing and large engines, place special demands on the straightening process. MAE also offers individual solutions here. Standard shafts are usually straightened quickly and accurately on M-AH straightening systems in reliable processes by bend-straightening procedures. An ASV straightening system is the first choice when forces of more than 1,600 kN are required.

With MAE you can ...

  • straighten with extra precision! For example, long thin ball screws in textile machines that run at very high speeds or steering gear racks with unsymmetrical cross-sections don't tolerate compromise when it comes to accuracy.
  • consistently avoid cracks! Thin, often hollow parts with special cross-sections and breaks in the cross-sections are sensitive. For these parts, pressure-straightening is the procedure of choice.
  • measure gears with precision! Important for all shafts that transmit torque.